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Testimonials from our Valued Clients

We are highly recommended by our
home building and remodeling clients...


We’ve seen Doug’s work at some friends house and were very impressed. More impressive though were their remarks on their experience working with Doug. So, when we decided to embark upon a remodeling project at our house we invited Doug to bid on the work. You could tell there would be a difference just going through the estimating process. Doug’s thoroughness and willingness to offer his own creative ideas blew away the competition.

Remodeling is no fun – workers in your house, a lot of noise and dust, anxiety over what the finished product would look like. Doug made the process so painless. He managed the project closely and actually came in a bit under budget. He has no reservations picking up a hammer himself if that is what it takes to get the job done. He’s not one of those “hands-off” business owners. He was a joy to work with.

- Joe D. - Deloitte



"We recently had Doug build our house for us in Argyle. I just wanted to let you know if you are considering using him as your builder that you could do no better.

Doug has a calm, easy going, manner and couldn’t be easier to deal with at a time of stress when building a home. While low key, he is also able keep everyone motivated, including you, while making selections and getting the job done.

He has integrity, an eye for detail, and is an expert at time management.

I don’t think building a home is ever easy; there are always things that come up that have to be dealt with. We had a couple of those things occur and I can honestly say that each of them was worked through to my complete satisfaction, and in fact, one of the issues probably looks better than the original design.

I think the best compliment I could give Doug (and I mean this Doug) is that I consider us friends. I have numerous acquaintances that have built houses recently and very few, if any, can say that. You should have no reservations when choosing Doug as your builder!"

With complete confidence, Keith N.


"Doug Smith has done 3 outstanding remodeling jobs for us. They could be characterized as small, medium and major. The “major” included a new kitchen (cabinets, counters, tile, appliances etc) and living room.  It was quite a challenge.

The thing that impressed me the most was the Doug did such a great job of managing the process.  He had installers, carpenters, painters all lined up, and they showed up as scheduled.  It was actually quite amazing.

There were never any surprises and all the work was extremely professional.  We have one more job to do and Doug will definitely be managing it."

- Dennis - Hewlett-Packard Company



We were truly impressed by the architectural elements (interior and exterior) of our Douglas Allen Spec Home.  They were timeless in style but included the latest technological applications.

We are most impressed with the attention to detail.  They didn't even know who would ultimately live in this house, but they thought of so many little things that make our house perfect.  We love our new home.

- Shawn and Holly G.



"We loved Douglas Allen Custom Home's hands-on approach.

Our friends from EDS built a home in Magnolia Park (Coppell).  They only met their builder once, and they only saw their Foreman once a week (if they didn't "just miss him.")  

They deeply regretted spending half a million dollars with that Builder.  After watching their frustration, we knew we wanted a builder that could give us his complete attention.

Douglas Allen Custom Home Builders were totally hands-on, and we dealt directly with Doug.  There is no foreman or supervisor involved.  He answered his cell every time we called, and he was completely available for our questions - we loved that."

- Jason and Kelly S.



"While our friends were talking about their Issues Lists and items that had not been addressed by their builder after a year, we were pleasantly surprised (and honestly shocked) when we completed building our custom home with no issues.

The Douglas Allen contractors were terrific.  If there was anything we wanted changed, they were so nice about it.  If anything was wrong, they usually had it on their list before we pointed it out to them.

Also, we LOVED that we got a copy of every invoice from every contractor.  Our friends with the issues list problem also said their builder never showed them any invoices, and frequently told them each different numbers about the cost of an item, like he was making it up.  And every time the amount he said was different than the amount on the draw request from the bank. 

They said it was very uncomfortable when they asked to see the books or invoices, and he got very defensive.  They were sick over it because it was a "cost plus" arrangement, and they felt taken advantage of.  Also, they had to come up with an extra $30,000 at the end because the builder could never tell them how they were on the budget. 

We were so grateful when Sheri would send us copies of every invoice without us even asking.They have nothing to hide and we love their honesty. "

- Chris and Vanessa C.


“We want to thank you for your wonderful piece of craftsmanship you built for us. It was a pleasure to work with you and your professional team.”

- Charles and Shay M


“We are thrilled with the remodel! Thank you for doing such a great job on our poker room, billiard room, bar, workout room, and media room! We have had 3 parties so far and everyone loves our addition!”

- Adrienne V



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